Weisse Feste

Here we go again…

… the bright “Weiße Feste – Parties in White” are upon us once more, and still a one-of-a-kind experience in all of Munich: several parties united under one motto and one roof invite you to reunite with old friends and make new acquaintances. …

… oh my God, what’s that? I understand only trainstation …

The beautiful white decorations and the black light illuminating the sexy, all-white garments create a very special, unparalleled atmosphere that will sweep you off your feet and into an unforgettable night of fun and dance. The musical entertainment will consist of an eclectic mix of Rock, Pop and Chill-out, brought to you by our five DJs, …

Everything and everyone in white, is our motto, so please make sure to choose your outfits accordingly

Your outfits must be WHITE, not (!!!) beige, off-white or egg-shell. Please also consider that certain materials like plastic, synthetic fibers, acrylics, wool and fur all appear as gray in our black light and make adjustments if necessary. Please take note that we therefore reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone not in compliance with our guidelines and not dressed all in white. We thank you for your understanding.

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  • 1st – 12th PARTY IN WHITE : 8pm – open end
    Dresscode: White costumes only!
  • 13th Party Carnival Tuesday : 7pm (Midnight Countdown) – 12pmDresscode: Black costumes only!
  • 1st Party: €10 (Great Ballroom only) Warm-up Party
  • 2nd – 12th Party: €20 (entire venue) €18 pre-sale + pre-sale fees
  • 13th Party: €10 Carnival Tuesday
  • MaxE Tel. +49-89-2715158
  • München Ticket: Tel +49-89-54818181
    Munich Main Station, Town Hall Marienplatz,
    Gasteig, Olympiapark / online: