Draw it yourself

With its up to 750 seats, our beer garden is the biggest in Munich’s University district, complete with a small wooden terrace, traditional graveled grounds and large chestnut trees and other plants and flowers.

In 2000, we installed a special table (for up to 20 people) that offers the option of drawing your own “Mass” (1 liter beers) from a small separate bar, following the motto:

Draw it yourself!

Whether you need a whole keg or less (minimum purchase 25 liters), you can always see the drawn amount on a visible meter. Just the right setting for a get together with a few friends or colleagues. Just take a seat and draw – but please don’t forget to book the table in advance.

In the serviced area of the beer garden (approximately 50% of the venue), we offer a wide variety of food and drinks. Additionally to our regular menu (see menu), we also offer daily specials at special prices (see news/info).

For reservations, please call us under  089/2715158, but please take note that we can only take reservations for the serviced area and only for the amount of seats available in the guest room.

And please remember:

We wish you a pleasant time in our beautiful beer garden; but please remember that we are situated in a residential area. So please be considerate to our neighbors and do not carry on partying outside of our restaurant. We thank you for your understanding.


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